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Month: July 2018

Spanish Federation


The job of the therapist is to realize those communication patterns that occur to the patient, with both the therapist and others. We must transmit them, for her I observer (see tab 6) starts, making him see his repetitions and thus be able to correct them. Therefore, we conclude that there are at least three fundamental objectives in any psychotherapy: making the unconscious conscious, associate the dissociated and repeat differentiating to stop repeating. We go with the word psychotherapist. Until 8 years ago, there was a recognized diploma for exercising the profession of psychotherapist. Anyone could therapist party and open a query regardless of his or her qualifications and/or preparation (in fact all professionals know more than one case). Thanks to the emergence of a national registry of psychotherapists grouped in the FEAP (Spanish Federation of associations of psychotherapists), you could start putting coto to these poachers and to know who was who.

Associations of therapists according to the different technical streams were created (cognitive, gestalt, Psychodynamics,) (transactional, behavioral, psychoanalytic, etc) at the same time these associations were grouped into the FEAP, from where a series of minimum criteria common to all associations, were issued to ensure, that the therapists had minimal training to treat psychological problems of people who came to them. Considerations and Precautions It is free cialis sample suggested to avoid meal before taking these tablets or have a pill 2-3 hours after meal. The injury occurs in case of spinal cord damage and trauma, loss of blood supply, tumor, viagra generic uk and infection are responsible for this injury. We give Kamagra dropship benefits everywhere throughout the globe furthermore give kamagra dropshipper. administrations to online drug cialis in india stores at least expensive rate. Sadly, this can lead to pain and symptoms in other parts of Brazil Acai has gained a legendary popularity. overnight cialis soft A method of synthesis, the minimum criteria which the FEAP dictates to be therapist are: 1.-be titled University, with degrees in psychology and medicine those considered most appropriate to access training. Specialists in psychiatry and clinical psychology specialist psychologists, is them credited as psychotherapists, provided that demonstrate documented practice, activity and clinical supervision. 2. A minimum of 3 years part-time, in the period of post-graduate university course devoted to theoretical, technical and clinical training in psychotherapy with a minimum of 600 hours. 3. A minimum of 2 years of practice Professional as psychotherapists, duly supervised. It should include, likewise, at least the treatment of 2 cases with a minimum of 300 treatment sessions and 100 sessions of supervision of such treatments.