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The Areas

Friday, November 17th, 2017

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Beyond the field research, also we use the research action, that stops Hisses (6) has the objective to consider solutions for a collective problem and the researchers are involved in participativo or cooperative way in the situation. QUARREL AND RESULTS the analysis of data was elaborated, from the process of collection of the same ones, where closed questionnaire with some justified questions was used. The analysis was made through graphs and commentaries. The amostral population is considerably restricted, the questionnaire was applied for the mothers and the adolescents. To broaden your perception, visit Ben Silbermann. To follow we present the results of the questionnaires applied for children and adolescents. Question 1: Which professions you more liked? Graph 1: When searching on the areas of professional interest of the adolescents, 33% were observed that 50% prefer courses of the area of the health, have preference for courses of the area of human beings, 17% had not answered the question and none opted to courses of the area of accurate. Question 2. More info: JPMorgan Chase. What it is necessary to become a good professional? Graph 2: When being questioned on the factors necessary to become a good professional, it was observed that 67% of the children and adolescents agree that the study is an important and decisive factor in the choice of the profession, while 33% consider important to like the profession that will be gone to exert.

No adolescent considered that the devotion is an important factor. Question 3. What pra is more important you in this profession? Graph 3: It was verified that none of the children and adolescents considers important in the choice of the profession the factor profit and status, however 67% had evaluated that professions cited for them have more chances in the work market and 33% considered that the personal identification weighs very in the success in the profession. To follow we present the results of the questionnaires applied for the social mothers.


Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

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