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Business Communication, Trust, Cooperation

Monday, November 28th, 2016

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Communication: Communication (common action) is the basic process through which we coordinate actions with others, and therefore is a fundamental process in any organization. If we focus on communication as information transmission, we see the human side of it, and therefore all the richness and depth that we can achieve. By incorporating the human dimension, we realize the importance of emotions in good communication. It is impossible for anyone to communicate effectively if, for example, angry or resentful. Pinterest contributes greatly to this topic. We understand communication as a "dance" between speaking and listening. And in this "dance" involving every person in every sense: emotions, expectations, interests, knowledge, paradigms, thoughts, etc. Confidence: Confidence is not measured in black and white, but in degrees. A greater confidence, the greater the possibility of action.

The lower confidence, the possibilities for action are reduced. The lower the confidence, the greater the need to implement controls for verify the action. The controls can, to some extent, compensate for lack of confidence, but not replace it. The trust does not mean credulity nor is it a matter of faith, if not the opposite. The confidence comes from the assessment of the ability, sincerity, compliance and commitment of the individual. Trust is granted or denied, is built … or destroyed. Cooperation: Cooperate means acting together with other / s to achieve a common goal for mutual benefit.

Cooperate not mean aside individual goals. It is important to realize that cooperation is "good business": find a space where individual targets drive the group goals and vice versa. Cooperation is a win-win between the interests of the person and the different systems that function in (computer, business, family, neighborhood, etc.).. Attitudes: We live in an era where personal communication is increasingly poor (despite the technological breakthroughs), where distrust is widespread (in politicians, institutions, companies, advertising …), and where individualism and competition seem to have triumphed over cooperation and collaboration. In turn, we invest money and time (personal and corporate) in technology development and acquisition of knowledge, downplaying the most valuable of human beings: their attitudes. Are the attitudes of the people that make great leaders. Are the attitudes of people that generate a large company. Are the attitudes of people who build a great country. More information about the CORE Method

Was February

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

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Also delicate family coat of arms as a ceiling or wall decorations with eingebarbeitet can be on individual templates such as. WOLCOLOR can cotton plaster in the Interior on any surface to ceiling or wall in the home as well as in the industrial field are processed. If necessary, but a surface preparation is necessary. All decors will need at least an opaque white base coat. The underground contains water-soluble substances then a special primer is necessary if necessary.

Our native primer is water-based and contain no solvents and is odour-free and ideally suited, that you can and living in a healthy living environment. In the process of antique plaster or if cotton plaster should be coiled, the pre-treatment is recommended may with a coating of plaster. Wolcolor cotton – ceiling and wall coverings can be injected, primed, and also bundled with a special roller on the wall. Through the diverse surface structures different working techniques are possible. WOLCOLOR can be applied here in the Nichtspritzwasserbereich in all rooms (also in the bathroom), on ceilings and walls.

Here are some brief examples: Living room comfortable residential atmosphere = bedroom = uberNachtfeuchtigkeitsregulierung bath prevention = fogged window and kitchen regulation of the moisture aushaltes = mirror staircase = absorption of sound nursery = stay healthy and comfortable excellent WOLCOLOR is also in the commercial sector being our cotton coverings B1 (flame-retardant) tested and that without the addition of flame retardants. Also, our sound-absorbing cotton plaster T60 is interesting in this context. With him, it is possible to reduce the reverberation in a room by up to 60%. For meeting or banquet in hotel a quality alternative. Many suggestions for shaping your residential and business premises can be viewed on the Internet site. Detailed documentation and samples can be requested by email at we like to invite prospective customers to visit in our sample to Ellerstadt by appointment only. Was February 10, 2010

Marketing Christian

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

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Says Anton Szandor LVey in the Satanic Bible: has been said the truth shall make you free. The truth itself has never released to anyone. The doubt is that brings mental emancipation. Without the wonderful element of doubt, the portal by which comes the truth would remain closed, unflappable with the energetic beats of thousand Luciferes. He believes that there was talk of an earthly truth, ignoring that Christ is the same son of God who can only represent the truth of the path to eternity. If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples; and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

(John 8: 31 – 32)Only those who have experienced the Gospel of Christ may give testimony of the truth, such that changes, that which transforms, which shows you how Satan robs you of your identity and catches you in a momentary delusion and vacuum taking you toward spiritual death, example: the urban tribes have something distinctive: its members are United under a set of characteristics, thoughts, fashions and common interests to form a relatively small community, but with its own identity. We can see that for these urban tribes his truth is to have your hair alluding to the group that makes them unique. The punks in the crest, in the Head skin be rapados, Emo hair on the face, the rockers his long hair and an uproar etc. else manifests itself in costumes representing rebellion or a form of the attention that are different and belong to a group specific which does not go with the common society; isolating a way of protesting that each one of them believes have their own truth, something akin to what Anton Szandor LVey exposes porotra partevemos their vices and its pleasures that make game with that supposed identity which is to have a bottle of alcohol, drugs and unbridled promiscuity.


Monday, November 7th, 2016

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As a seller probably your main concern are the customers. You probably have read and listened to millions of ideas of how to build relationships, retain customers, create a list of potential clients, or how to inspire them loyalty, etc. However here the difficult question is, how can I convert my prospects into customers?. There are many people there out, at this very moment, seeing their advertising but, and if does not convince them?. Sure that now you must be asking this question, is there anything I can do in this respect?, well if there are, and then I show you 2 fully safe and proven methods that guarantee you have more customers. 1 Improve your offer.

No one will pass an offer that is too good to resist. Don’t think that frequency customers want your product, better think that maybe what they want is something more, a little more. This will leave you with a very long list of almost sales have the potential to turn into actual sales and by consequence, this will leave real profits. Then it sweetens the deal. Gives them an offer that is so good that it will be impossible to resist. Now, this in no way suggests let drop your prices to sweeten the deal. You can easily maintain the prices and add bonuses to increase the perceived value, even received bonuses could be of greater value than the equivalent of the discount. 2.

Follow-up. Would you like to increase your sales by more than 50%? Yes, sounds good! There is actually a very simple tactic that tracking can be applied. The more likely it is that potential customers will not buy your product the first time they hear about him. Perhaps this will happen until the third or fourth time that heard about your product, but it is necessary that you always bear in mind, or that don’t forget it until they actually become a customer. Now you have an available tracking system? Well, if you have, simply contact with the client almost every month with a new offer, or give them more information about the product on which you are showing interest, you don’t have to be a complicated process. Keep in touch allows you to maintain a long term relationship, trust building is the key to finding customers for life. Internet Marketers have a high number of customers who navigate through your web site, and then leave. You can not have a tracking system without some kind of information about your contact. A great way to gather the information you need is to offer a free eBook or informative document of interest to consumers in exchange for his information. Once you have taken the information to send them the product by e-mail, you have what it takes to keep in touch and work in converting them into loyal customers. Customize the measure as long as possible. If you have managed to get the first name of your customer very well! The following would be to send custom messages since they have greater appeal than those sent to the recipient. I hope that these tips help you to increase your sales.


Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

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Articles Marketing is essentially, write and distribute articles brief in a diverse range of media, including sites specializing in this type of format may include directories of articles, articles, forums and newsletters editors banks. Articles marketing is one of the ways more effective market that anyone can perform as well as one of the ways most economic of promoting a business. In fact, it may be until completely free, costing you only some time and dedication. Ben Silbermann is the source for more interesting facts. There are many benefits in the marketing of articles. Since the articles are transformed into a viral tool, your message literally comes up to the most remote corners, allowing a considerable increase of traffic to your web site and the amount of subscriptions to its newsletter. The marketing of articles is also used to generate direct sales and build credibility. Anyone wishing to establish you as an expert in your niche market should always be in tells what the marketing of articles has to offer.And this is how it works. Let’s assume that you’re doomed to a niche specific market as it can be to lose weight or how to lose weight and sells various products related to this topic.

Whether it of own products or third parties through an affiliate program, you can create an article on how to lose weight, – preferably one you are closely related to your product, but instead of falling into the common error promote directly the product, you should focus on the problem that your product can solve the reader not to mention it at all!. For example, if you sell an anti-cellulite cream, you can write an article explaining what is cellulite, the cause and the various existing methods to combat it. The article should be no more than 750 words and must be with a title interesting, relevant and striking. At the bottom of your article, you include the author resource box.

The Market

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

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The professional success, or the pdio of the success is not in what they had learned in its half academic nor in its high notes in its academic description, has it conception of that these factors are really important more to firm in the 0 market this do not matter very, what it really matters is the abilities that you will demonstrate during the exercise of its organizacionais functions. of utmost importance to possess pro activity, to be intent and if to foresee to the facts that later can occur detail that this is. To possess talent is not the sufficient to abrilhantar a manager rank, the talent is the capacity that it is born with each individual, that is a person who was born with talent to be administrator, such individual will possess an absurd and shining easiness for the accomplishment of such activity, however so that such explored talent either is necessary the theory and the basement theoretical so that such talent either spread and used to advantage correctly and beneficially. A person whom it possesss, talent, ability and ability are apt to develop its organizacionais activities? Not, therefore still it lacks to the three abilities techniques, these abilities it is the set that techniques and tools that support a professional in the market and the ones detaches that it in a company, therefore this professional is what of more good she has in the economic market, cultural, organizacional, technological and social, therefore the technological professional all withholds knowing of the present time, this professional knows to manipulate the new technologies of management and manages, and the social professional if worries about the company as all pautado in the ethics and being worried about its partners of company..