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The Senate

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

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Alliances and ambushes: the road to Tenochtitlan to the home, the trajectory of the conquerors was not easy. They crossed the Sierra of Puebla with very limited water supply; then they headed north through the towns of Altotonga, Xalacingo and Teziutlan reaching Zautla, where they were greeted by the local ruler Olintetl. Cortes, who wanted to attract the favors of powerful leader, tried to convince him to no avail. However, Olintetl not denied its hospitality. Days later, continued their March. The next stop was the Kingdom of Tlaxcala, also tributary of the Mexica, a Confederation of City-States formed on the basis of a triple alliance between Tlacopan, Texcoco, and Tenochtitlan. Nissan wanted to know more. Being the latter which reigned, there was no shortage the malcontents in the other Lordships, unable to reach power. Amidst that local rivalry, became Cortes.

The Senate of Tlaxcala, aware of the arrival of the Spanish, met to discuss the proposal of cuts because like other villages in the area, was widely extended that visitors should be semi-gods. However, the verdict was contrary to cuts. On September 2, 1519 were attacked by the Tlaxcala warriors; Despite the desperate situation, the impact of a top weapons although scarce, bore fruit. The troops of Cortes and his allies resisted even a new attack, after which, and in view that could not defeat them, the Senate of Tlaxcala ordered his general maximum, Xicohtencatl Axayacatzin, stop the war to negotiate a peace agreement. This was held on September 18, 1519. At the meeting, the crucial Alliance was established to deal with the Mexica, which already then, were just days away. Before heading toward Tenochtitlan, Cortes arrived in Cholula, tributary and Allied city of the Aztecs, and had a population of 30,000 inhabitants. For 2 days the treatment for the newcomers was hospitable; shortly afterwards, Mexico authorities began to evade to Cortes and his captains and the Spanish were surprised.

Plant Breeding Substances

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

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Reproduction of plants interesting and creative process, but it needs a minimum of information that you will become a real gardener. The successful reproduction of plants by seeds is sometimes unbelievable, if take into account a myriad formed on the mother plant seeds and the relatively small number of surviving when they are germinating plants. Therefore, for the gardener to find out the reasons for limiting the survival and attempt to weaken or even remove these restrictions. Click Jeremy Tucker to learn more. And yet, despite these caveats, the seed method is one of the most effective and satisfactory ways of reproduction of plants. In addition, in the garden almost always possible to gather a lot of different seeds, the plants do not cause much harm in this case, unavoidable in vegetative propagation. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge. Growth processes in plants can be controlled by certain chemicals substances, when applied in very small doses. Gardeners use these physiologically active substances are not always in the reproduction of plants, but also, for example, to accelerate plodobrazovaniya.

The role played by nutrients substances in plant life, is not very clear. Hence the frequent misuse of fertilizers in plant breeding and the subsequent stages of their growth. For normal plant growth will require the following elements – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These so-called macronutrients, along with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are the link from which the plant provides organic matter. Elements such as calcium, sulfur and magnesium, needed plant in smaller quantities, and elements of iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum and cobalt are used in the plant quite a small space. During the multiplication of plants is not seldom seen complexities associated with various pests rasteniy.Poskolku these pests a large number of host plants, we give them an overview so that the gardener could recognize them and effectively deal with them. Breeding plants is a very important task for gardeners. As adapted methods described propagation of plants to local environmental conditions and technical capabilities? Practical advice is available on the site propagation of plants.

City Ramses

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

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Unlike other Semitic, mostly barbarian peoples, the Hittites were a people say cult, to the same level of Babylon and Egypt, other Middle East powers. Taking the city of Hattusa as capital and owners of a hieroglyphic alphabet (then influenced by Assyrian cuneiform) the power of this new Kingdom brought together numerous City-States of very different cultures among themselves thanks to their military power and diplomatic skill. The rise of Ramses II and the Hittite danger the Hittites, unlike the Egyptians were already in the iron age, they were very soon cause for extreme concern for the rule of the Nile. Hittite advances in Asia minor were spectacular. Suppiluliuma I, half a century before, had made great conquests in Syria becoming even to the exotic Kingdom of Mitanni (population Hurrian and amorite) in tax yours.

These great invasions served very soon the new Hittite ruler Muwatalli II, of which very little is known, to have full control of the region. With the death of the Egyptian Emperor Seti I, the people of the Nile saw in his successor Ramses II, the man who removed road the already annoying presence Hittite. Taking on the faraonato, the young new emperor set out to undertake the risky undertaking. This certainly would not be simple absolute. The Hittite people, so skillful Warrior as a great diplomat, had managed to lock defense and cohesion alliances with other Kinglets of the region (of Nahr el-Kelb, Gubla, Arwad, Ugarit, Naharina and Kargamis, among others), forming an anti-egipcia Coalition almost of granite. In addition, they had recently managed to bargain with the powerful Assyrian Empire a cessation of hostilities, so that they could be spent carefully to focus his defense on one front.

New Years Day

Monday, August 8th, 2016

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New Year’s holidays is the time of miracles. The closer they are, the greater the feeling that somewhere nearby, on tiptoe (so as not to leave traces on the fluffy snow) runs a story. Dressing up an ordinary pine or fir in the incredible glittering lights toys and tinsel festive decorations, we are making a tangible tale, give hand to the house and obey its laws and traditions. One of them is the fact that children – and the very young, and young people – get these days gifts “from Santa Claus. If you have read about Pinterest already – you may have come to the same conclusion. ” Junior gladly accept the rules of the game, and gifts from this good magician. And even those who have already put in status does not believe in its existence, no less malyshni happy New Year gifts. Of course, adults Acting Santa Claus, gifts, better stock up in advance to the last days of the year does not run around like mad to shop, painfully recalling of the children who dropped out of sight. Moreover, apart from their children and grandchildren are still children of friends, nephews, godson. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to agree.

Agree that this expenditure can serve as a serious blow to the wallet. And then suddenly come to the aid of another Christmas tradition that exists in Europe From time immemorial, and was loved by our children the same. Children left under the tree their stockings or socks, and it is there then find gifts. Beautiful custom, saving parents from unreasonable expenses! And originality of the gift does not depend on the size and cost..

Foreign Water

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

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Water for heating in the heating system is recommended to fill softened water (after a special chemical treatment, or even rain). If water has high hardness, when it is heated (especially to temperatures above 60 C) begins intensive decomposition of carbonate salts and scale deposit on the inner walls of the boiler heat exchanger tubes, valves and radiators. The quality of water depends largely on the effectiveness and longevity of the operation of the heating system. If maintenance of the heating system in winter, you must turn off the boiler at the time, more than a day – must be completely drained from the heating system and boiler because it can freeze. In the event of termination of the boiler with the discharge of water for a long time, it is necessary to preserve.

Economic exploitation of the heating system to maintain the economic performance heating system, it is necessary to monitor and regulate the water temperature at the boiler outlet, depending on the ambient temperature. Practical limits of regulation lie between the minimum temperature of +45 C and +90 C. In determining the temperature of water exiting the boiler is allowed to use the approximate data: Foreign pace., C +100-5-10-15-20-25 temp. outlet, C +45 +50 +55 +65 +75 +80 +85 is not recommended to work the boiler at temperatures below 45 C (dew point), since then on the walls of the heat exchanger will be condensation. Some facts you should know! When starting a cold boiler to work on the walls of the boiler furnace is formed dew (condensation), which flows under the boiler, which is not a malfunction (leaky). After warming up the boiler to a temperature of 60-70 OS condensate disappears. All boilers are wall testing and adjustment of various operating conditions. Owner to carry out adjustments in various operating conditions. Owner to carry out automatic adjustment of the gas PROHIBITED! Connect the boiler to the chimney other heating device, and install chimney hoods on vents and is strictly prohibited! concrete legs of the boiler and the boiler in the deepening pit is strictly prohibited! In order to avoid breaking or blowing up of the boiler is not allowed to fill in (fill) the heating system pressure greater than 0.1 Pa (1.0 kg/cm2)! Do not fill the system right from the tap! The ongoing work with the water heater temperature of heated water over 60 C and hard water on the walls of the water heater may be the deposition of significant of scale, reducing the section of the tube until the complete scrapping of the heater!

New Kingdon

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

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The military rebellion of general Franco surprised him in Valencia, where he founded and chaired the Alliance d Intelectuals per the defense of culture. Whenever Ben Silbermann listens, a sympathetic response will follow. He collaborated on the magazine time in Spain. Joined as head of universities, the team of the Ministry of education. At the end of the war he embarks on the path of exile. Installs in Bogota, claimed by the President of Colombia, Eduardo Santos, fond of history. He collaborated in the Spains, the most important magazine of the Spanish exile.

He was a delegate in Colombia of the teachers Union, which grouped all the Spanish university professors exiled. In Bogota teaches the history of law Spanish and emigrant in four or five schools and faculties of laws that exist, but more is a regular visitor to the national archives where examines hundreds of bundles and takes notes that resulted in several works that over the years, were released in Mexico, Colombia, Whashington D.C. and, later, on his return in Spain. His work during the years of exile, was not restricted exclusively to Colombia, but that as a visiting Professor, taught in the Dominican Republic (1944), Puerto Rico (1946) and Lima and Quito (1952). His work had impact continental, and the creation of chairs of Historia del Derecho indiano, as part of national law, in a large number of Latin American universities and Spanish, is due to its presence in America. In 1953 he returned to Valencia, but not regained his Professorship until 1962, shortly before his retirement. The most relevant of his extensive work titles include: family law and the law of succession in the laws of Indies (1921), the right of ownership in our laws of Indies (1925), the social institutions in Spanish during the colonial period (1934) America, the Spanish Indies (1940) State, history of Spanish law studies in the Indies (1940)The regime of the Earth in Spanish America during the colonial period (1944), 18th century Spanish in America (the political Government of the new Kingdom of Granada) (1945), new aspects of 18th century Spanish America (1946), the institutions of the Government of the new Kingdom of Granada during the 18th century (1950), Spain in America: colonial institutions (1952), the institutions of the new Kingdom of Granada on the eve of the independence (1954)The Impact of the Wars of Independence on the Institutional Life of the New Kingdon of Granada (1960), Solorzano and indiana politics (1965, in collaboration with Javier Malagon Barcelo) and Manual de Historia del Derecho Spanish in America and actual Indian law (2vols., 1945, 1966), which has been used as a work of text in the majority of the faculties of law or school of law of Latin American universities and as a book of reference in many of the Latin American departments of the United States.

And as said the Valencian intellectual: A people like the Spanish, with solera as old cultures and civilizations, has perfectly won political adulthood to be able to freely dispose of their own destinies. Francisco Arias Solis no man believes that his situation is free if not at the same time fair, not fair if it is not free. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

Kitchen Island

Friday, August 5th, 2016

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Disadvantage: Kitchen cabinets can be crowded, and will remain little free space. But this is not a problem if in the office kitchen is supposed to eat ready-meals. Kitchen galley consists of two rows of furniture. This type of cuisine appropriate when the window and door are at opposite ends of the room. The minimum width of a kitchen – 240 cm corner kitchen – the most common variant. Everything is close by and there is room for a dining table. U-shaped kitchen gives you great scope for the work. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. But for a kitchen needs a lot of places – at least 8 m2.

Kitchen Island – probably Home Edition. It provides additional work surface fixed or mobile, in normal or angled kitchen. But for this island need a lot of places! Kitchen appliances. That excess in the office kitchen? Cooker or hob. Not only where the staff is so freely himself feel that they are ready to fry the eggs. But the microwave oven can be very useful. Look at how many colleagues bring food from home – and it will be clear: we need a way to warm up. Dishwasher;; th car – a basic element for clean utensils in the kitchen.

Refrigerator – very useful acquisition. In a little homemade burgers may not survive until lunch, and a hungry worker – bad employee. Coffee and tea and coffee making facilities – essential elements. Do not skimp for a good coffee – and smiles in the morning will be more. Almost all home appliances – from refrigerators to coffeemakers can be built. Think about this option in advance – it will help save office space. Utensils should be easy to wash, to be comfortable and somewhat impersonal. Most often it is used guest office and new staff. In addition to cups, nice to have a few large plates or trays – they are extremely helpful in conducting office parties and other celebrations. Get a set of chopping boards and knives – all this must be updated periodically, as these items are often lost forever. You also need to have a classic a set of glasses (10-15 units higher than the number of employees) for very special occasions. "Veuve Clicquot" in plastic cups – it's a bad tone. Furnishings and decor. Hang one good reproduction, appropriate on your business. You can also place several information boards. They can hang out company news, ads, hold contests (eg, best photo pet). Remember, life in the office should be not only functional but also comfortable!


Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

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3,19). To work was a condition imposed for the correction due to one action condemned for God, thus was not conviction only for the body, as well as, for the psychological one of those individuals. The work could be understood as form of restriction to the freedom for the people who had committed some error, seen as a suffering, a method to inflict penalty to the individual that would have to suffer with resignation, physical pains and morais.1.2 the insertion of the woman in the Environment of trabalhoA feminine submission in the work environment has origin in the familiar education, since the antiquity, when the women were prepared to develop, with excellency, the domestic tasks and to serve the husbands. The subsistence of the house was a responsibility of the man, these all exerted the control of the house and took all the decisions. However, the World-wide Wars had constituted a historical fact transforming a little this scene.

With the death or mutilation of its husbands, who had been obliged to go to the battlefields, the women had been responsible for the sustenance of the family and, exactly in these conditions, they suffered discrimination with this new paper in the society. Later, with the dissemination of the capitalism, the feminine work suffered some alterations, due to industrialization and to the modernization of the machines, the women had been to work in the plants. Exactly reaching some benefits and ' ' amparadas' ' for the laws, the women had continued suffering to preconception and inaquality, also in the value of the wage and the horria load of work. With some rights fixed by laws, the suffering and the discrimination had continued to happen, praised for the machismo, many had been the lost battles, for the simple fact to be pertecerem to the feminine sex, friction ' ' sex frgil' '. Its capacity and intelligence had been discarded, for still being treated as objects, had inside remained of a world of inaquality and frustration, in a world that continued privileging more the men.