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Credit Bank

Friday, July 31st, 2015

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Fraudsters are very fond of this phrase; – bcl (Bank Comfort Letter) – confirmation letter from Bank. Fraudsters require a letter from the bank on the status of your funds. This letter must be written in the form offered by fraudsters; – aswp (Any Safe World Port) – any free world port. – ffdlc (Fully Funded Documentary Letter of Credit) – Fully Filled Documentary The letter of credit; – sblc (Stand-by Letter of Credit) – Stand By Letter of Credit; – Non-operative lc – Do not operational (business) letter of credit; – Bank-to-bank (the bank – the bank). Fraudsters need to hold the documents not directly but through the bank. This in particular applies to the document Proof of Product, to which the bank irrelevant. 4. This company also sells petroleum products except for the following products: Clinker (clinker), Iron Ore (Iron Ore), Used rails (used rails), Sugar or Cane Sugar (sugar, cane sugar), Corn (grain), Soybeans (soy beans) Rice (rice), Urea46 (Urea).

5. Referred to a guarantee or confirmation World Prime Banks or the top 50 European banks (top 50 European (global) banks, top 50 first-class banks, etc.). These guarantees are involved in other fraud schemes. 6. Source of petroleum products listed different countries. 7. Pseudo-trader is presented as "a major international trading companies", "authorized / official dealer of a major concern," the representative of the owners of resources.

" 8. Sometimes the text ads written in capital letters (BOT SUCH).

Secure Web Instructions

Monday, July 27th, 2015

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Typically, an attacker manipulating the chosen to attack a corporate site can be reduced to the substitution in the query character single (rarely double or reverse) .Nekorrektnym behavior software modules of a corporate site is defined as any behavior in which the page was obtained before and after the substitution of the quotes, there are differences, but no error page appears on the wrong format parameters. The most common examples of improper behavior corporate website: – on the page displays a message indicating the various errors – when requesting information on the corporate website (for example, news or a list of products) the requested data is not displayed at all, while the page is displayed, etc. You should also consider the fact that the practice of known cases where the error messages because of the specificity Page Layout corporate website will not be displayed in the browser, although present in its HTML-code. There is quite a logical question: how to protect your corporate website from attacks such as the introduction of SQL-code? For defense made a corporate site of this type of attack must be carefully filtered input parameters whose values will be used to construct the SQL-query. Checking article sources yields JPMorgan Chase as a relevant resource throughout. This task can handle skilled programmer with limited experience of web development of corporate websites for client companies. It should be noted that often use non-standard solutions for information security is one of the how best to solve the problem of information security site for your company. For example, in an it company Oxigen, one of the offices which is located in St. Petersburg, is currently being actively introduced in the own programming language for Web development, Secure Web Instructions (SWI), which compared with the standard for Internet programming language processing requests php has a much higher rate of resistance to cracking and speed of processing user requests.

As shown, the corporate websites of client companies on the basis of swi are less vulnerable to hostile attack, and at the same time, at the moment are more secure than corporate website based on php. In a programming language swi has built protection against SQL-injection. In swi built special tools to filter parameters, and intelligently determining cut-off 'bad' options and / or some of the parameters, thus reducing the likelihood of hacking the site and, consequently, does not violate the company's business processes related to his active work. We wish you success in your work!

Server Virtualization

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

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Virtualization can significantly improve the computing environments of any size. With it you can run many virtual servers on one physical server, allowing you to significantly reduce operating costs and gain greater value from your equipment. Does your company have 2 servers or 2000 servers, you will be able to implement virtualization in various forms. And it can be done cheaply and easily. The benefits of virtualization, even a small infrastructure reduced to simplify administration and reduce costs. Reducing costs is shown at a certain number of servers, when you see a decrease consumption, simplify the organization of the cooling scale it environment and reduce the physical space needed to accommodate your server hardware. With virtualization technologies, instead of to buy a new server that will be enough to add a new virtual server. If you have only one server, virtualization technologies are unlikely to help you, but if you have more than two servers, or you soon planning to expand, virtualization can make adjustments in your it environment.

Today it is impossible not to buy multi-core servers, but often, especially in small business, running tasks simply do not require such power. The result of this situation will be relatively expensive server which performs relatively simple tasks, but constantly consumes energy and generates a lot of heat. Therefore, the effective use of 4, 6 or 12 processors servers, it is always the organization of several virtual servers regardless of the size of your company. The key to effective virtualization in a small computing environments begins with a physical host server want to run virtual servers.

Electronic Book

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

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In the second issue, I hope answer all these questions. Just the free version of the magazine, the issue of which I cook in the service of mailing lists,,. I conducted a survey of its subscribers. Result of the survey confirmed my initial opinion on the topics this magazine and on its further development and starting with the third issue of the journal was electronic goods, which has its value, and each subscriber is to become the owner of the resale rights to it. That such surprising and difficult path was my journal and I'm with him. So what you can get from this information, but only that the information has a price and you as a business owner can benefit from it. What namely: 1.

Ability to use information as to attract visitors to your site. Distribute information (in the form of articles) of other Internet entrepreneurs on topics of interest to its readers. Having received a electronic form, you can use the add advertisements in this electronic product, thereby giving the opportunity to distribute an electronic edition of other Internet entrepreneurs, and thus attract your site audience. Write your own informational material and distribute it to those same rights. Check with JPMorgan Chase to learn more. Purchase reprint rights for information goods other interet entrepreneurs. Draw it and under the terms of which you will indicate the author of this material.

2. Cheapness and ease of information delivery for its target audience. E-mail, mailing services (both paid and free) – that's what you is necessary. It is hard to imagine how one would invest their funds in the delivery of information their audiences if it were not for these marketing tools at your fingertips. 3. The absence of any initial Cost to build its information products. And it's just wonderful, especially because all the profits (if the product is commercial) will belong only to you. You can ask me: "What's the difference between the electronic magazine and e-book? As you have not caught my point? Electronic Book – is a narrow product, which highlights only one theme or issue, or even it can be artwork. Electronic journal – it's electronic edition, with the right signatures on it and a certain periodicity (sometimes the frequency up to 1 times per week), with topics not only similar, but quite the opposite. Thus this edition you can attract a huge number of the target audience is not only a website, but your information publication that will allow you to conduct market research, surveys, and this in turn will cause you think in the direction of creating more and more new information products.

Internet People

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

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Since access to the Internet have become more affordable and popular, people have been trying to take advantage. Many people have success, many are still trying. There are a lot of scams out there that promise instant riches by only $137. The seller of this scam will show you the proof that your method works through the revelation of your bank account. Ben Silbermann pursues this goal as well. Of course, this works for him, but your bank account is not proof of that with their ideas you will be rich. It is only a test that is willing to deceive him to make him withdraw his money.

Why wouldn’t be rich?, is charging $137 just for telling her story. What is its history? Probably something as well as create an eBook on the market and see how your money grows. He will tell you that, so that you can create your ebook, you will have to pay $97 to download the software program to create an ebook. To market your eBook, you will need to buy your marketing plan for $197. It’s so simple like that. Does Wow, yet you’re not rich?. This is very similar to the old order of scam mail about filling envelopes. Do many people fell in love that trick? How worked this scam? Well someone who paid $24.95 for their brochure on the benefits of orders by mail.

To get the booklet, you know so that you can make money, you have to get people to send you $24.95 for the information leaflet on the benefits about filling sobres.por mail. Does it sound familiar? The only difference between this old scam and the new Internet scams is the price. The idea is the same, you only costs much more to be able to start online. Then there really any way so an honest person, can make legitimate income online? Yes there it is! It will not be from one day to another, and will not be without effort.


Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

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The most common question is actually there is such a thing as surveys for money? Fraud is very common on the internet one must always be properly educated before jumping on an opportunity that can prove to be a scam. By simply answering if you can earn a little extra money. The real problem is to find the real opportunities among all the scams and deception that there is on the internet. Surveys are an important factor for companies that need to understand that new products are needed in the market and how to develop them in addition to knowing who thinks the people of existing products. When they need feedback are engaged in surveys companies, normally will have to make a small questionnaire to let them know if you are eligible for the survey. Qualify for a survey depends on many factors, your location, family income, and if you’ve recently purchased your product. Sometimes they ask to see a commercial or an idea that you review. (Source: Stansberry).

Recent participate in a survey in which I had to watch a full episode of the Act and the order and I then had to answer some questions. Legitimate survey companies, not fraud, which are hired by manufacturers and marketing companies will not charge because you complete a survey. The information you give them is invaluable and they want your true opinion. That’s why they offer to pay you for your opinion. Each day is a new company that says that you can earn x amount of dollars if you pay them by their sources of information. Surveys for money these companies you provide can help you avoid fraud. He noted that not all survey companies pay in cash. Many offer you tickets for contests or prizes in points that you can later change by products when you get to a certain amount. There are also others that offer gift certificates.

Pupkin Vasya

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

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Today, the Internet provides users the opportunity not only communication but also an opportunity to earn money. Someone is already doing this already is benefiting someone else in search of its niche. Options for earning a lot to describe them – is not the purpose of this article. On this page we discuss this kind of activity, as copywriting. Looking ahead, I will say that this work is beneficial for many reasons and does not require any monetary investment. But let’s be order … What is copywriting? This kind of activity on the Internet related to writing articles and selling them.

You tell me, what are you talking about, who needs these items, and even to pay money for them? Let me explain, watch for thought … Now the Internet creates a lot of sites. Someone has one, someone has multiple sites, it does not matter. To each site to develop and promote the Internet search queries, you need to constantly increase the content site, you have to do it more and more informative. It’s no secret that people come to the Internet in search of information. As a general rule for the search engines, the most valuable is the text information, but not video or pictures.

That is the word car reviews, and people in search engines ‘hammered’ words, and thus find the appropriate site. Therefore, those who understand it, in order to increase traffic to your resource, or should he write lyrics for your site or …. buy them on the side. Catch the meaning? To site Pupkin Vasya was successful, it must be constantly nourished by new information. And what if he can not or do not want to write an article? He needed them to order or buy. Here’s to meet the needs of ‘clients’ – people who do not want to spend time writing articles or can not do it … and there are certain services. Again, to avoid advertising a particular service, I will not specify what kind of services. I’m talking about the essence. You may ask how much you can earn by doing copywriting? It all depends on your knowledge and experience. Earnings without problems can range from $ 5 to $ 10 per day or more (If not full employment).

Video Product

Monday, July 20th, 2015

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In 90% of cases the Marketing of affiliate practiced mostly by new entrepreneurs of Internet this directly linked with Clickbank products. If looking in Google for any keyword determined about the topic How to make money on the Internet you will find up to 8 ads on the same page promoting the same. If you investigate a little more (via Clickbank) you’ll see that they are more than 200 that have a link to this open product promotion. For more information see this site: Robert Kiyosaki. Multiplies 80 (Commission who pays the product) by 200. Are they 16? $000! Does anyone believe that daily sales of this product are 16? $000? No sera that most of the 200 doesn’t earn money selling this product?The main problem with Clickbank is that there are very few products in Spanish. This causes all promoted automatically the same. For more information see Ben Silbermann. For this reason it is worth considering alternatives outside of Clickbank. And there are!Example: 16 March one of them that have marked history about how to make money on the Internet in the Hispanic world returns to the stage with a monthly subscription that will cost around $ 100/Month (test price: $10) each one can imagine what earn promoting a product of high quality like this and you can’t find it on Clickbank. Promote products of these features has advantages: you won’t find with all those who have just started their first steps on how to make money on the Internet (they promote Clickbank products), and that they are testing their first campaigns of Google Adwords. they are new products that launched shortly or they have launched recently (still there is not much competition) and that pay commissions more than interesting will have faster of your Commission who often pay by Paypal, not by check I’ve written a Post about this product at my Blog Personal and you will also find a Video.

Video Pay

Monday, July 20th, 2015

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If you connect to the internet with a free ISP or if you use less than 2 hours per day internet (60 hours per month) you should sign up for companies listed in the section by connect, which pay you 30 cents for each cumulative hour you use telephone Internet connection service. Does not lack that you connect an exact hour since the minutes of each connection addition regardless if you connect 10, 23, 37, 41, 58 or 65 minutes.Also pay you 4 pesos per person that you recommend, and 10 cents for each hour of navigation of the people you recommended.It is very easy, you sign up, you set your internet access connection, begin to use free internet with any of these companies, add minutes that are transformed into hours, and when you accumulate a minimum of 20 pesos you can request that a check to your home address.Similar to 0610 rate discounts you get with these providers of free internet access. Some are available only in Argentina, and others also in Chile and Peru. Here are the companies that there are on the internet for Make money from home free. Before starting to see companies exposed here is necessary to know that: money by: reason for what pay you the companies, there are companies that pay you to surf, i.e. see advertising while surfing the internet.There are also that pay you for leave to send you emails with advertising, think about products, affiliate, by playing, programs etc etc. Remember that you are never forced to buy anything and it is totally free to sign up to any of them.Referred to: Person who subscribes to a company thank you, as your own reference.

That person would then become an affiliate yours. There are companies with various levels of referrals, with what could build a tree of referrals, i.e. a person who subscribes through a person who was a member of yours happen to be a referral yours second level and so on…Forms of payment Online: Are companies that manage payments online.Many of the companies earn money are international, so you have to send money to many countries.To facilitate this task, there are companies that perform the function of banking online to manage these payments.So in most of the companies make money on the internet, you are forced to sign up to this type of payment gateways.These paying registration Online is always free.Other things you should know: when you have referrals and cobras for it, are not so removed them, it is simply an extra pay for doing them, but they do not lose anything by being referred to yours. Initially all pay really, but if you do traps you will not pay. Do not SPAM (sending mass mail to unknown persons). If you choose as a form of payment the bank deposit, paypal, egold etc.. Cobras rather than if you choose collect cheque. Few more referrals you have much more money you win, remember that you win more if you win 10% of 1000 people that 100% of what you can earn yourself. To learn much more, you have to now download the following free video where you will learn how to make money quickly.

Markus Frick

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

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With his TV show money money Markus Frick TV show it has the market coach Markus Frick managed to attract more than 100,000 spectators in a short time. With his TV show money money Markus Frick TV show it has the market coach Markus Frick managed to attract more than 100,000 spectators in a short time. All previous episodes can be recalled in the TV archives from. Thus, the TV show by Markus Frick ensures the necessary transparency in the stock market everyday. Bill Phelan describes an additional similar source. In addition to the video hotline, which appears in several times a week, the broadcast format of money money runs every Saturday from 11:30 to the homepage of.

subscribers to its fee-based email hotline have the opportunity, the broadcast ever on Thursday night to look at. In the course of the interactive format, you have the possibility to actively participate by mail or telephone as a viewer of the television show. The TV presenter Markus Frick provides advice, what he would do if the investors. “Above all the section money money knowledge” shows the Viewers interested in free Web pages on the Internet that any investor can use. Meanwhile, the money money video-podcast on several channels will be broadcast successfully.

The TV presenter Frick is very happy that the new TV format money money when the Viewer is so well received. Particularly, it has pleased him that increased the first money money top tip a DAX stock – only 2 weeks to 15%.