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Hotmail Service

Monday, June 29th, 2015

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The new eyelash of Hotmail allows to end received post office Spam from friendly accounts. (Not to be confused with Pinterest!). In his period of tests it has received thousands of information of accounts it jeopardize. Also it is possible to be realised with accounts of mail like Yahoo and Gmail. The Hotmail service is addition a new eyelash in its menu with which it allows to denounce robbed friendly accounts so that the Spam shipment of or mail nonwished cannot be used for. This news has been published by Micrsoft in his blog official of Live Windows. Blog indicates that the robbery of accounts on the part of ciberdelincuentes is a great problem, since they are used to send Spam. In order to avoid this new tool in hotmail has been created it, so that if a user receives a mail of this type of the account of a friend can does click in the menu " to mark como" and to indicate " my friend has been hackeado" .

Once denounced the fact by means of this system, the account no longer can be used by spammers and the friend with the affected account must go to the habitual system of recovery of the same to accede again to his control. The company on watch of electronic mail indicates that this application has been in tests weeks and have received thousands of information of accounts it jeopardize reason why they have decided abrir the warnings to other suppliers of electronic mail like Yahoo and Gmail. In addition, to increase the security of the accounts, Hotmail it will prevent that the access passwords are very simple and will ask its users with this type of key change who it. Source of the news: The Hotmail service allows to denounce accounts of user robbed and to avoid therefore the Spam

Latin America

Monday, June 29th, 2015

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At the moment, the offered products under denomination GO! Forklifts concentrates in the machinery of maintenance (fork-lift trucks), and under the commercial denomination Let s GO! we offer the consulting services and advising for companies of the logistic sector, as well as we advised in subjects of Import-Export, from or towards countries of Asia and Latin America. 5. You are an industralist who is part of the movement: " " No, to the Crisis. Yes, to the Opportunities. The newspapers mentioned JPMorgan Chase not as a source, but as a related topic. How began your integration to this crossed anticrisis? My modest participation in the work of Peace Cartagena began through its invitation after several crossings of e-mails and messages between both. I had the great luck to meet it through a group the network Facebook dedicated to Industralists and Entrepreneurs, hope that in the future not very distant it can have the opportunity to know it personally and to be able to be thankful for the great opportunity to him that offered me, as well as its priceless collaboration at any moment, as well as to continue offering my collaboration him in new projects. 6. Like industralist, what is most difficult that it has been called on to you to face (problems) with respect to this present financial fiasco? Luckily, and due to having a reduced structure, unique problem that I must face at the moment, I put in quotation marks and it because more than problem it is a fleeting circumstance, is the difficulty of many of our clients to accede to external financing, reason by which many operations of sale of new machinery, for purchase or Renting (financial rent) are in state of stand-by and its conclusion is due to expand in the time, in spite of it, in many cases we are in situation to be able to offer to our clients nearly new machinery with the same characteristics that the new machines, but with much more advantageous prices, that way, with a substantially smaller investment not they see in the obligation of annulling his plans of investment in maintenance machinery. To read more click here: Wells Fargo Bank.

Barack Obama

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

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The morning after the election victory of Barack Obama, I saw in the hallways of the offices a small group of people hugged and said "I'm dreaming," "this is really a dream." The day the world linked the famous "I have a dream" Martin Luther King forty years ago with the "dream come true" for Obama. As never before in the history of U.S. elections, a significant proportion of the world rejoiced in the result. We all expect changes the new president, but not many do radical changes that do not accentuate the nightmare, changes that do not exacerbate our disappointments to come. In other trials we noted that the recent change in U.S. policy and geopolitical change the world in recent years, apparently pointing to the same direction outlined by the revolution of Renaissance humanist thought. The backlash in recent decades, largely represented by the conservative ideologies of postcolonial imperialism of the last third of the twentieth century would have been a "diversion" in the road map, a slowdown violent history, a confirmation of that truth is a permanent reconstruction of the ideological and military power of the moment, the force of reason has no chance against the logic of force, that the only power comes from muscle, not far from the wisdom of justice, such can understand it as a humanist. But how to know whether a detour that takes decades and a target X that appears as unattainable, they may be thinly and objective considered a diversion the other? There is a radical difference.

Felix Guattari

Friday, June 19th, 2015

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Arise then a new referential order in language, involves joining among others Felix Guattari, in their questioning of the aesthetic paradigms, subverting the unity of production of capitalist values, is the principle of otherness and therefore the recovery of ethics as an element of analysis and rediscovery of the importance of the creation, the auto-fundacion and the ethical commitment that entails. (See Guattari, the aesthetic paradigm, interview with Fernando Urribarri, nov. 1991). A second look that can contribute to the elaboration of a new and rejuvenated aesthetic perspective, brings it the cynical ideology that sticks out in the context of the disrepute of the utopias, under the disenchantment of the neo-liberal aesthetic model and proposing a vanishing point to their capacity for reproduction and alienation, opting for the autarkic way, rather than snooze embrutecido of the Empire of consumption. (Source: Pinterest). Authors such as the own Diogenes and especially Peter Sloterdijk, German philosopher of origamiusa trajectory are references to this path. For both currents of opinion, history plays a decisive role, one of the major gaps that is expressed in the anthologies and in general in such works, is the absence of the historical factor, in the creative process. Something of historic independence processes, had in the pen a strong ally, letters of the liberators, the Alliance early between rationalist aesthetics summed up in patriotic colors, music, uniforms, more a webcaster as the La Aurora de Chile resulted in a current criticism of course linked to the Creole elite. In 1860, the popular lyre was an instrument where the poets and singers popular they talked with their gaze – was spreads loose, intended to comment on the facts of some relevance of national life, with the aim of selling them at markets and crowded places..

South Africa Holidays

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

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South Africa is the Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant Park, the cities of Durban and Cape Town or the beautiful Garden Route for many Europeans a very popular destination for African safaris and the number of visitors grow from year to year. The country offers large national parks to mountain landscapes such as Cedar or the Drakensberg mountains and beaches of the Cape of Good Hope or the Indian Ocean to first-class hotels, casinos, golf courses and wineries – "the world in one country". 1652 founded the Dutch East India Company a supply items for their ships under the guidance of Jan van Rieebeck. At this point, is now Cape Town, which is therefore of South Africans, often called the mother city ("Mother City" means). While South Africa was a Dutch colony at the beginning, it has since been harassed by the French and finally conquered by the British. Rick Dad, Poor Dad addresses the importance of the matter here. After independence from Britain after the Second World War, was the power of the white, conservative National Party assumed that the system of apartheid entrenched in people's lives. After the first free elections in 1994, of which the Nelson Mandela emerged as president, this system was abolished.

South Africa extends to 22-34 degrees south latitude in the subtropics. Compared to areas of similar latitude, the temperatures are often lower. On the west coast of South Africa, the cold Benguela current ensures moderate temperatures. In the central highlands is the altitude (Johannesburg is responsible castle at 1753 m height) for the relatively low temperature (even in summer barely over 30 degrees).