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Without Programming Skills To The IOS And Android App

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

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New range of apps for small and large companies so far developing an app for companies was quite expensive and they had to rely on the expertise of specialized agencies. Now you can create business customers with mobileBrownie, an online quick Kit for apps, their native app for Android and iOS without programming knowledge even and submit it in the app store and Google play store. The creation of the app is online through an intuitive back-end, similar to a content management system, carried out. After signing, the user can determine the color of its app, select icons, upload a logo and image galleries. A variety of functions, which are optimised for mobile use, like immediately contact, available appointment request, team representation and videos, as well as the integration of RSS and Facebook feed. In addition, there are industry-specific functions to match the app individually to the requirements of the respective company.

Automatic publication on the app store after the completion is the submission the app in the app store or Google play store causes where it will be deployed automatically after approximately a week to download. A unique QR code is generated to each app, unlimited can be used on promotional material. Is scanned the code via Smartphone, the appropriate Web app opens and it is offered to the user download of the native app from the store applies to its operating system. Offers and coupons via app push with so-called push notifications app users are informed in real time about current offers, in other words, the app logs your users automatically with a beep or vibration when there is new information. The function is suitable for example for mobile coupon promotions, which can also be created through the mobileBrownie back-end. Just regionally based company can reach their customers targeted with the push function and draw attention to their actions.

More information under: mobileBrownie is a product of the marketplace digital GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the Internet Marketing Services GmbH (IMS). MobileBrownie the online quick Kit for Web apps and apps was by the Initiative Mittelstand with best of 2013″in the category of apps” award. Traders can configure relatively inexpensive even a Web app or native app with mobileBrownie, to get a unique QR code. The offer of mobileBrownie also includes the creation of different mobile vouchers that are compatible with the Apple passbook app. Posted by Jana Kant

World Championship

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

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Since 1957, the world championship were held every two years, but the following year began to play the European Championship. Have been held and Continental Championships and Asian Afriki.Blagodarya the effervescence of industry, the emergence of new materials that find their way in the sport, varied sports equipment. This, in turn, could not but have a direct impact on technical and tactical skills. Changed and igry.Do rules of the game was very close to the table, flat strokes. With the advent of sponge (1930), the game has become more diverse. This is understandable due to dense adhesion with a ball bat was possible to give him vrascheniya.Izmenilas strong trajectory of the ball, it became possible to play an active and when it has fallen below setki.Sportsmeny playing a defensive style, and now had to retreat away from the table and quickly return to it.

The game became more dynamic. Made many valuable techniques and tactics in tennis world champion five times (1930-1935gg.) Englishman Victor Barna. Thanks to him, the game was fun, exciting spectacle. Interest of spectators to competitions has grown considerably. Suffice it to say that the competition for the world championship in London in 1935, observed daily up to 10 thousand chelovek.V game were quick movement, rapid throws sharp single and serial impacts. As a result, in 1936 Congress decided to change the ITTF name of the game. With the name 'Ping Pong' has 'table tennis'.

So, to replace the first period, characterized simple technical elements based on long-term perekidke ball came second – during an offensive play, multi-media to attack and defense. But as the strongest at that time still remained Players defensive style, in order to win a point at times require a very long time. Since 1951, the results show the best representatives of Asian countries (Japan, Korea, China). Since 1952, with World Championship in Bombay, a new the era of tennis.