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Sunday, January 26th, 2014

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Once I was careless, tired of endless questioning why I am today is sour frown, angry, say in the hearts of those very early days. And the result? One hour colleagues wondered what could it mean. "The first day you shall give to the client before the script?", "The first day session? "," The first day of freedom? Are you with his parted? "Again, they were not eunuchs and monks. Normal young men. Just on the job for them there was no girl Tanya. Only a colleague Tanya. Without the right to critical days.

Work in the men's team – a great incentive to always look good. Get the order of the organization deserved vacation has never been a problem. Problem was temporarily shifted its responsibilities to the men, thereby letting them into their working world. Became clear: even if all directories are signed and numbered documents laid out on the shelves, and the necessary coordinate coordinates placed in alphabetical order, to find the necessary information colleagues could not the first attempt. In this issue of men other organization of the brain.

To sneeze order – chaos. They were virtuoso magician at a mess on your desktop (folders, newspapers, faxes and printed e-mail form whole mountain ranges) are blazing the document you want, but the focus in "on the shelves" can not. Perhaps, on this subject I must cast aside his thesis. pluses be on our toes But when you work in the male team, there is a constant incentive to look good.

Guarani Symbol

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

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THE GUARANi language, symbol of the identity of PARAGUAY by Hugo Barrios to 31/03/2010 read original (click) on: ASUNCIoN, Paraguay guarani, that together with the Spanish was declared one of the official languages of Paraguay in 1992, is considered not only a language, but a symbol of the identity of Paraguay. While many Paraguayans are reluctant to guarani the importance that deserves, the language has prevailed throughout history thanks to its strong tradition. The Guarani language is part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools. Children learn basic concepts such as the meaning of words and grammatical rules from the first day of classes. Despite the efforts, according to many educators, the level of education is not satisfactory. I think Guarani teaching you would need greater motivation for students, said Rosario Florentin, guarani language teacher.

Was an achievement included in educational reform and give it the same hourly charge than the Spanish, but is not enough. The methodology and scope are major obstacles for the teaching of this language to younger generations, according to Florentin, Bachelor in communication sciences. It is important to set aside the technicalities and teach more literature and stories in guarani, he said. The oral tradition is essential. I dare say that it is even more important than having perfect grammar or spelling. Talk and express themselves in Guarani is something beautiful, but it is sad to see how children learn words, sentences or phrases from memory, without understanding what they mean. David Galeano Olivera, author of several books in guarani, and creator of the Ateneo of language and culture Guarani, stressed that the language has survived persecution throughout its history. Despite the repressions suffered throughout its history, the Guarani today is more alive than ever. It was banned in some families and until recently, those who speak it received a kind of punishment.

Hairstyles Bride

Monday, January 13th, 2014

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It seems, that after a few years in which said that the wedding ceremonies had fallen, we give way to celebrations, (mass or not) for which is supposed to be the best day of our lives. Whether they are religious or civil weddings, we love get us our finery and go more radiant as possible. Gone are those austere civil weddings, in which, dressed as if for a day any were. We have given way to a host of celebrations in which there is room for all kinds of styles and personalities, anything goes, and most importantly, you. Fashion, has also been adapted to the new currents and is not so unthinkable today see a girl who wants to marry a jacket suit pants, a short dress or even a fun sarong, because its kind of wedding so requires.

What do we find trends? Trends in bridal gowns is very broad, but what more is in these moments are very sheer costumes, with flounces on many occasions. It leaves behind the classic dress into a two-piece, much more comfortable and flattering. The cuts under the chest, fallen empire with less carved dresses and fabrics with a lot of type give dynamism and joviality to our silhouette. Gauze, lace and embroidery with overlapping fabrics, are perfectly adapted to all styles. The most important thing is to choose which makes us feel special.

We must not in any case give sensation go disguised, static or lack of naturalness. It is true that it will be a day in which you win things that you never ever put and surely you will ever take, but that is no reason to go corseted, upwind, awkward and artificial, people should recognize your personal style within the dress that you have chosen. What colors we find today? With respect to colors, the radiant, white off-white and champagne are some exiled against the beiges, mauves and golds.

Actually The Universe Conspires

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

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Paulo Coelho, Brazilian author cites in several of his works the following sentence: when you want to reach or get something in life, the universe conspires to help you achieve it. do really the universe conspires to help you achieve it? And I will definitely reply: If conspires. When your you want to achieve something in life, this puts manifest before your eyes opportunities to achieve it, occur different facts and situations that take you to get it. We must be attentive to the flashes of light to be put in front of us and not let them pass long. If you want to with your whole being forward, at the right time are displayed signals which you must be very careful to not let them pass. Signals that you send people with whom you convives, either with new people, that will leave you both negative and positive things, but that in some way or another contribute to your achievements will be crystallized, as well as also precise situations that will be placed on the appropriate path toward success, without forgetting the special moments that iras living day by day and that you can’t let pass without penalty or glory.

The universe conspirara over and over again until you achieve that your fulfill your purposes in life, tries to be very attentive with all the people you know currently; whether they are old acquaintances or friendships, working relationships, focusing your attention to moments of joy, peace, calm, and even sadness, pleasant or unpleasant situations; Since each you’ll get something positive to go up every day in your dreams to conquer mountain top, while the negative you will only take what they allow you to grow in your search. And that will not help your purpose, seeks to dispose of it so that you do not affect, not harmful to you, and cut you much less overcoming wings, as you might feel out of place, feel no desire of wanting to get to the top of the mountain in your dreams. Dreams are fed with your enthusiasm for reaching your mission to life. I invite you to be very attentive to everything that happens in your life; the people, the good and bad moments, but above all, to not miss the signals that the universe sends you to reach the goal. Remember: that if you propose do an achievement, since the universe actually conspires in your favor. Dare. Original author and source of the article

Home Marketing

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

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Online businesses have achieved surprising levels of development worldwide, so much so that it has become an excellent opportunity to work from home. This is due to the emergence of Web 2.0. And yque is Web 2.0? : The term Web 2.0 is basically the second generation of services in the history of the site, also called the Social Web since based on user communities. Social Network or Web 2.0, has a wide range of services, such as social networks, blogs, wikis or folksonomies, which are the means used to foster collaboration and exchange of information interacting in an agile and effective cooperation between users of a community or social network, and in this way complement the existing services on the Internet, the user input is to provide, review and / or modify any content found on the web. Some experts call it “The Internet Social Revolution” and this automatically makes it the ideal platform for Business Online and Work From Casa. The success of Web 2.0 is not only dynamic, but also in its accequibilidad, since nowadays a common citizen, even without technical knowledge, you can have plenty of resources and tools free for personal use or commercial and actively participate in it in an easy, speedy and cost, ie you can create your own online business to work from home, a blog, a podcast or simply being a user of a social network like Facebook, Hi5, etc.. So today we see that it grows and grows increasingly small Internet businesses or online businesses, even is ideal for promoting MLM business using effective prospecting system without its promoter has to face rejection, simply because use all these means to promote your business by asking potential clients to reach relevant information through his blog, video or items related to MLM, generating trust among future members, which translates into an enhanced online business with a strong affiliate network, dynamic and eager to conquer the world.