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Love and Truth

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

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Jesus Christ is our substitute, not our example. Our life is replaced by its life; our eternal death is replaced by its death, and our failure on our fallen nature, is replaced by its victory on the sin. In fact, because the man cannot get to be like God, God had to arrive to be made man: Emanuel (God with us). Gloria to God in the heights and the Earth peace and good will towards the humanity, and all the universe! The following list of events happened in the Edn, summarizes some of the human fruits occurred when trying to be like God: nakedness, shame, fear (hide-and-seek of God), pride (to accuse God), car justification (fig tree aprons), thistles and thorns; sweat and tears; pain and death of an innocent lamb (tnica of skin), temporary death (Abel), eternal death (Can). In resistance, the following list summarizes the spiritual fruits received when accepting the vicarious substitution of Jesus: Immense gratitude, deep love, inexhaustible joy, incommensurable peace (towards God by means of our Mr.

Jesus Christ), calm patience, great benignancy, abundant kindness, wonderful faith, warm meekness, and night love song templanza (cf. Glatas 5:22 – 23). When accepting that Jesus is our substitute, and not simply our example, is not an invitation to live in disorderly, incorrect and inadequate form, but quite the opposite, is an invitation to live a total life on happiness and order, but trusting the merits of the Teacher of Galilea, and not trusting ours frustrated attempts to imitate it, since Jesus Christ is not our mere example, but ours excelso substitute. When it is lived watching and trusting the bronze serpent raised in the cross on the Calvary, there is no time, neither desires to have other people’s Gods, nor to take his name in vain, nor to watch the woman of your fellow, nor to rob, nor to lie, nor to kill, nor to watch the ardent serpents, nor to their poison, nor to the wounds undergone in the desert of the life.

The Confection

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

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3. Paleolithic period: Nomadic societies the Paleolithic period it encloses maiorparte of the existence of the human being, lasting approximately a million of years, about 99% more than the posterior period: Neolithic period. Its beginning is marked by the evolution of dasramificaes of Anthropoids, the sprouting of the sort homo and its manifestaocomo to be dominant in the planet. During the Paleolithic period, osseres human that until then they were confined in small portions of Africa edo continent Asian; if they had spread for the excessively continent ones. In this contextose shows to distinct gifts theories that try to explain this occupation as ateoria of Clovis for example.

The first confectioned tools to apartir of the reflexiva conscience human being, are dated of this period and were feitasde wood, bones, horns and splintery rocks. The process that took the confection destesinstrumentos passed for three great phases until the tools acquired aforma characteristic of the end of the Paleoltico.Supe – that initially, homindeos osprimeiros used materials that found around, comoossos, rocks and gravetos. Later they had given forms to these materials conformenecessitavam: Knives, harpoons, arrows, etc. elaborated finishings had finally started to more follow models deproduo giving. At this time, the human beings lived nomadic emsociedades, that is, if they constantly dislocated from a region paraoutra. They only consumed what he was joined in the nature, did not practise aagricultura and nor the creation of animals. When the foods if were esgotavammudavam for another region, therefore decaadores-collectors had been called. Although many historians point operodo neolithic as palco of the consolidation of the religion, registrosarqueolgicos show that the paleolithic human being expressed its pelavida admiration and its fear for the death through rustic but bemdefinidos religious rituals.

Robert Arrives

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

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Rosinha spoke. – I find that it only is giving a time, later goes to show its claws. – That nothing, it is very affectionate and gentile. – I wait that it continues thus. – It does not supplicate plagues. – I am not supplicating, but you know that it is half crazy. – Why? – You know! – Why it Only likes to read those things that a horrible end always has? Rosinha was speaking that Robert adores to read on tragedies and histories with dramatical end.

Until then, this not it is to scare, is until praiseworthy, therefore to read is always very good. The life went passing and Robert started to place manguinhas of is. He wanted to dominate rosinha, to choose its friends and to place schedules for its exit. The life of Rosinha was turning a hell, but it believed that age only jealousy and that jealousy alone has who loves. It looked excuses for the exaggerated behavior of Robert, perhaps because also kneads it excessively. One day Rosinha wanted to leave with the Joana friend and it forbade it to Robert. – You do not go to leave with it.

He spoke irritated. – Why Robert. He answered, in the same tone, Joana. – Because you do not serve pra to be friend of Rosinha. You are not decent. – Who is not decent is you, its vagabond. – The two Silence the mouth. I decided, I do not go to leave and ready. Rosinha cried out. – This my love, is with me that it is well better of what being in the street with certain people. Robert spoke. – Robert Arrives, I already said that I go to be. Joana I do not go, I can go. – You are who you know. He is with this maluco! Joana answered.

The Love Of The Father

Friday, December 21st, 2012

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The man receives from God a woman to be able to have with who if to relate and so that it is not alone and of the one for it a called place den so that he can live and take care of of everything for God. The man never obtained to give value in the things that God made for it and finishes playing everything for brings and trai God making what God said it not to make. Same god seeing that the man had missed and trado looked in the sky and saw that the only way to save the man was to send somebody to die in the place of it and thus It made ordering its son to die to save all humanide. I want here to start to reflect with you the fence of the love of God and the death of Jesus. We see that nowadays all the men are not giving credit in the love of God stop with us, knowing that exactly the love Of it passed superficially even though of the love that had in its son Jesus and sent it to die for our sins.

Continuity Development

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

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It is estimated that it has a connection enters the theories of systems, termodinmicae the economy through the correspondence between energy, work etransformao. The entropy affects directly short, medium and long run the continuity of the life in the Land. Therefore it makes with that all the systems, also economic, social and the ambient ones, transform of a condition deordem advancing for the clutter. These constataes take in them to file a suit that oprogresso scientific, technological and economic they do not guarantee a commanded world, for the opposite, when it thinks that it has a order of the things, if estdesconsiderando the caused clutter> for the current development, ocasionadaexatamente, for the ordinance of this development. The ecological economy, when considering the not seconmicos processes, but also, the biofsicos, analyzes the development as a whole. One is about a proposal of more coherent and sustainable development, pautado in the respect of the cultural values in order to reorganize environments deproduo and reproduction of the material conditions of these cultures. The economy the serapreendida one is come back toward the valuation of the ambient patrimony, through daconstituio new analogies production, work, generation and distribution deriquezas.

E, as it places Coriolano (2003 well: 162) ' ' the development nose relates only to the economy, in contrast, the economy must be taken in funodo desenvolvimento' '. Primitive and traditional populations and the desenvolvimentosustentvel Passamos now to analyze the economy in the context primitive and traditional dassociedades, leading in consideration way as estaspopulaes obtains to survive in half balance with its surrounding one. However, before tracing a parallel between both, one becomes necessary to clarify the queso primitive societies and traditional, therefore, comumente they are consideradasanexas. E, also, to go deep the concept of sustainable development. The primitive populations, that is, the ones that do not possess omesmo way of life of the described ones as civilized, are habitualmentedenominadas: small, exotic, rustic, archaic inferiors, tribal, of flock, aborgenes, not-pecuniary, aboriginal not-materials, not-scholars, not-machine, etc.

Arctic Ocean

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

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The occured ambient changes in the planet have been observed and on directly to the global heating, such as reduction of the ice covering, increase of the level of the sea and change of the climatic standard, therefore, facts these, that not only influence the activities of the man, but yes all the set of the ecosystem of the planet. The forecasts of the IPCC? Intergovernamental panel On Climatic changes? they demonstrate that the global heating and the increase of the average temperature of the planet registered since middle of century XX are ' ' very probably a consequence of the increase of the emission of effect gases greenhouse for homem' '. The climatic change also already is facilitadora to create conditions for the migration process, since this is stimulated by the impossibility of the agricultural production, reduction of the water supply and rise of the level of the sea. According to international reporter, for the ONU, 2050 could be calculated in up to 150 million considered people as refugee ambient, being that these people, had had as alternative, the migration ahead of the ambient damage above related, the great reduction of the forests also contributes for the increase of the globe temperature. The increase in the .causing concentrations of gases of the effect greenhouse raised the concern of the scientists, therefore the forecast of the rise of temperature is above of the band of 1C 3C what many researchers see as capable to raise the level of the Arctic Ocean in the summer, with the gradual disappearance of glaciers of the Himalaia and Greenland. The deforestation also is another problem that contributes very for the global heating, the deforestation tax remains high in many countries and the area of primary forests? those that had not been affected by the activity human being? it continues being minimized. Considering the region of the globe next the line to the equator, the most affected for the climatic change, being also the tempered region more of the sphere of the globe, it is clearly to affirm that the countries of delayed capitalism, that at other historical moments had been colonized, will be the regions more reached by the climatic alteration, case the forecasts are certain.

Scarlet Letter

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

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N. Hawthorne makes the junction of literature (fiction) with the power conducted for the American puritanismo, based in empirismo. This explains because until today the Scarlet Letter it is a world-wide classic, considered the biggest romance of American literature. In this manner, still making aluso to the studies of M.Foucaut on the sovereignty and the power, we see that the American puritana religion, interlaced to the still existing machismo in the colonial period, made with that Hester Prynne suffered and was banished of a soceidade that nailed a new world, more with thoughts arraigados in the exarcebado conservadorismo. However, it is fact that same with passing of the time, we still find today, women victims of preconception for committing adultery, and nor so little we leave to observe scandals involving priests, who wound the celibacy. It is more common still, to perceive that the religion still is determinative in the formation of opinions, not allowing to many times the process of social evolution.

The critical one of Hawthorne, accurately comes to not only question that the almost limitless power, that the religion exerts on the society. It also shows, that the women do not have to be menosprezadas and inferiorizadas, since as well as Hester, all has force to resist the social preconceptions, also obtaining the proper sustenance. She is very common still in the modern society, exactly with the progress that the movement of feminine revolution, still women exist from fear independence, becoming true slaves of a system that still makes critical guarded to the feminine social status. Being thus, the workmanship of Hawthorne does not stop in the time and transposes barriers, exactly that it portraies the society American, can be brought for current times in diverse analogies with the society in that we live, being collated with the most recurrent quandaries of a modern society.