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Friday, November 18th, 2011

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Laptop Notebook became less important part of our business. This is understandable in a place you would not have gone, no matter where you go and wherever you have a bag with a portable laptop computer is always on your shoulder hanging. You get ability to check email, play computer games, reading a computer book on the way to watch a movie or listen to music. And for the adventurous, employed persons laptop is quite impossible to replace. Indeed, in every moment have access to all papers. In the event that the company's office failed to send email or browse the computer paper – not a problem, a portable notebook will do the job opportunity on the way to his home. Gained considerable popularity to buy a laptop. Because that immediately they combine affordable cost, reliable operation, nice comfortable decor.

Numerous people may eventually abandon the home desktop and for their vacant place permanently installed laptop. Place it will take less, the role plays are the same as a simple computer, but it is possible for need to take with you for a job in the office of the company or institution. Since portable laptop can be needed anywhere. If you also ponder on how to get rid of the personal computer in the direction of portable laptop, then the selection of the model you need to pay attention to specific things. And initially decide to which particular functions you need a portable laptop. After all, there are portable notebooks opportunity to share in some categories like this: supermalenkogo size, used as a replacement desktop, business laptops, designed for the reproduction of media and created for impress laptops, think of what specific programs you want to work on a personal laptop – it may help define the technical parameters. If you enjoy working alone with text applications, and access to the Internet, you can even stop your final choice to the most lowly portable notebook or netbook. If you plan to work with crayon applications, you should eventually opt for a laptop with a modern graphics card.

Video card nvidia GTX 295 in general could be finished with this task. The presence of such features in portable notebook as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you definitely need if you want to work with his personal laptop computer in an apartment or office. If you were to use a portable laptop as a mobile computer that must pay particular attention to its size and weight, but if your laptop is going to still more work time at home or in the office, not with his master, then these parameters can be largely neglected. Just as powerful battery and you are not including very important if personal laptop would be at home or in office.

Business in Russia

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

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Preparations for the event and its implementation – this is my personal headache specifics of business in Russia has made us accustomed to the fact that if you do not control and do not kick the contractors do not understand the process itself, it is sure to be spoiled. In such situations we face everywhere. As a result, we begin to understand car repair in the engine of our car better than any mechanic in setting up their own apartment building go through all the specialties – from a mason and painter electrician or plumber to, but the choice turputevki know all the hotels in the selected areas and conditions in them, as if ten times’ve been there. Of course, experience in acquiring new skills – a useful lesson. However, no when it becomes compulsory and takes time, which I would like to spend on more enjoyable and necessary cause. You are planning an event in advance and do not expect anything good from contractors.

And it’s not your fault. Such approach you taught a harsh fact of life. Referring to the agency, you are ready to ensure that the process itself and the implementation of the upcoming corporate holiday will fall on your shoulders. You sigh heavily, and not trusting managers, go through all the hard way with them. You go into details of the event-managers, contractors prozvanivatsya all events, once again specifying whether everything is okay, cool autumn evenings you go again inspect the site, checking with the manager, whether hammered pegs, which will be checked.

Coaching Skills

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

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Today, competition among business coaches more important than ever: a reduction were even leading specialists and heads of departments of education, dozens of professionals offer their services to companies. Companies, in turn, not in a hurry with a choice of coaches expect a lot, very much. Coach today – more than the "master training", is a competent consultant for staff development, capable of complex crisis inspire employees energize, build not only skills but also the installation to succeed. One of the most effective technologies in this direction is the coaching. On what skills a coach and why you need a business coach, says Director of Training Center Business Coaches "TrenerPROFI" Galina Eliseeva in an interview with Marina SHORETS – a certified coach, business coach, psychologist, author and host of "coaching tool in the C PERSONNEL.

" GE: What skills are needed coaches coach? Where and how can he use them? M.Sh.: Any coach is already a coach – he proposes to develop new techniques by which you can reach your goals faster and with less costs. A good coach is different from the bad so that in addition to new information, it inspires you to act. After coaching – training the chances that you will start to act in new ways, overcome the inertia of old habits much above. GE: A friend of mine called the work of his coach's "magic pendelem." And said: "I'm going to … get the magic pendel." What do you think he meant? M.Sh.: Most people recognize that the most difficult thing is not set goals, and not to write a program to achieve them.